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The first week of your new, fresh baby!

The First week of your new, fresh baby. It’s a special time, bringing your bundle home. Placing the Moses basket in the middle of the room and thinking… ok, what’s next?

9 months of imagining, planning, worrying and dreaming. And now it’s here, and you aren’t really sure what to do, or how to look after a small human.

leeds newborn photographer
Sleep baby sleep!

I’ll give you a few words of wisdom.

Because I see so many new mummies in my studio, and I am a mummy myself to two not so little people. I have been through some really lovely but also so really hard times too. It’s overwhelming and exciting all at once.

There are no rules, no rights or wrongs, no certain way of doing things, and you will learn as you go. No matter what you think or feel, you are the perfect person for this new role, and your baby thinks you are the most amazing person that ever graced this earth… honestly.

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Sleep, Sleep, Sleep is key!

If you have had a few days in hospital, or a home birth, you will probably be wanting to catch up on sleep, rest up and look after yourself, so that you are in a good place to look after baby. You will also want to spend some time as a family, settle into having a new person in your home and adjusting to new life as a 3 (or more!) You may have a steady stream of visitors, or you may want to get out and about to visit your friends and family. Do whatever you feel is right for you all. If you need a day in your PJ’s, that’s totally ok too. You just birthed a whole person!! Tell your visitors to bring essentials, a home cooked meal you can warm, or just provide endless cups of tea. Don’t feel pressured to host, tidy your home or run a perfect house.

Leeds newborn photographer
This time is so Precious!

This time is so so precious. It passes by in a millisecond (trust me!), and your teeny tiny baby will change an incredible amount in those first 6 weeks. Drink it in, enjoy the good and the more challenging moments, and be kind to yourself… You are doing great mama.

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