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What's my favourite thing about being a Yorkshire newborn photographer?

I'm Louise, and I'm a Yorkshire Newborn Photographer based in Leeds.

I was asked the above question at the weekend and I had so many answers, it was hard to choose my favourite.

Aside from cuddling your babies, dressing them in my cute little props, and getting super creative with layers and fluff, there is a deeper meaning to this job.

My absolute favourite thing is meeting so many wonderful people in this crazy, sleep deprived and amazing time. I love having brand new parents in my studio, chatting about the highs and lows of those first few weeks and hopefully offering a little bit of knowledge that I picked up along the way when mine were tiny.

I like to offer up a few hours of peace and tranquility for new mums and dads, where I take baby and give you a little break, a hot coffee and time to switch off. I hope that it gives you a breather and chance to watch your beautiful baby in amongst the visitors/mid wife appointments and catch up napping.

And at the end of it I can present you with your gorgeous baby a few weeks later, that believe me, most people cry when they see.

So, it's more than just a job for me, I really do connect with each and every one of you... And some become really good friends, because we really do share so much in these short hours.

Besides all this, how great is it to see your babies when they turn one, all smiley and grown up, back in my studio for a milestone session 🖤

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