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Harrogate and Leeds, newborn baby photography

I have always taken a great deal of photos of my children. The newborn stage is so unique and it goes by in the blink of an eye! I can't say how important it is to capture these moments as babies change so much in their first few years..

newborn photoshoot leeds
newborn shoot yorkshire

Little Feet, Big Dreams

Whether you choose a posed session in the studio, or a more relaxed, lifestyle session, often based in your home, its crucial that you document this time.
Read on for more information on all the sessions I hold.

Harrogate and Leeds, newborn baby photography - Find out more about me




So which session is for you?

I offer two sessions for all my newborn shoots - Sleepy posed and Lifestyle. It's complete personal preference as to which one you choose and really depends on what you are wanting to gain from your session. Here's some info about what you can expect from each session.


Situated in Leeds, very close to Harrogate, York and Skipton


Sleepy posed


Set in the studio, this session is captured any time from birth to 12 days old, with 7 days being the very best age for baby and mum. At 7 days, feeding is usually established and baby has settled in with the family.  Baby is usually still sleepy at this age and happy to be swaddled and cuddled into a few lovely poses.
The session includes all props and wraps and I really love it when parents tell me what colours they love, so that I can capture images that they would love to display in their houses and also in babies nursery.
The session is usually 2-4 hours long depending on how well baby settles, and it can be helpful to feed baby on arrival in the studio to ensure he/she is full up for the session. It can get warm in the studio, so its advisable to wear layers - babies get colder than we do!
The results of these session are timeless, sleepy imagery of your baby in lots of lovely sleepy poses, often referred to as a fine art  newborn image.



Set in the comfort of your own home, I will visit you any time from birth to 4 months old, which is great if you have had a C-section and aren't wanting to venture out just yet. This session is all about you being comfortable and capturing those first few weeks of life with your new baby.
I have many clients choose this session  if they have siblings or a fur baby, because it means that the whole family can be involved and get in on the images, and whilst I do pose you a little - I really want to capture the natural moments that are accuring between you as a new family . It's all really relaxed and you will feel completely at ease during your session.
This session aims to give you some classic photos and memories and is a real hands off approach to capturing baby in his/her natural environment.

Read more about the Wallart I offer here

newborn shoot yorkshire

The sessions

newborn shoot leeds

Digital Packages

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All inclusive Digital Packages
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Print Packages

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** A deposit of £45 booking fee is required to secure the date , this is deductable from the final package


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