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What to wear at your Studio or Home Newborn Session!

Hey mama! Did you just have your gorgeous new baby?! Well let me just say - you look blooming (even if you don't feel like you do!)

I cant wait to see you for your newborn session in my Yorkshire studio or out and about in your home and I'm here every step of the way to guide you through the process and make sure you have a wonderful experience with me, as well as beautiful photographs too!

Amidst all the excitement for booking a session and knowing that you will get some gorgeous images to remember this time by is the life long dilemma of what to wear - and I hear you mums, its the last thing on your mind with a new little one!

Studio sessions and at home sessions are two completely different shoots - but are much the same in that we want to see you in the images and we want you to stand out - not what you are wearing. Natural, soft and pattern free colours work best for both - so that we can see you and your baby shine.

We also have to consider your furnishings in an at home session. Rich colours are perfect on walls, so don't worry about too much white at all - but plain, white or cream bedding does always work well if you have it. And also if you can reserve some spaces in your home that are clutter free (I know thats hard with a new baby!) but really does help your photos to look cleaner.

What I want to say to you is, relax. It may seem daunting planning your families outfits for a shoot but it's alot more simple than you might think. Here's my top tips for some really lovely images, without having to break the bank online at Next!

  • White - we all have a white blouse, the kids have white tshirts.. pair them with denim and you have a really simple but classic outfit. Mix it up a bit and parents might wear a full denim dress or dungarees.

  • Muted - creams, taupes, white, tan - all work with the tones of your skin and help you to look fresh in the images.

  • No logos - nothing detracts from your images more than logos, so definitely leave the Nikes at home

  • Dresses - flowing dresses with some movement work great in photos for that natural and boho feel. Cotton, linen and natural fibres look great through the camera.

  • Lay out your clothes - plan a few days before and lay it out before you all try on. It's a lot less stressful.

  • Black - a definite no-no! It can suck the life out of an images and make you look drawn - if you can avoid it, please do!

  • Pinterest - this is my best friend - if you want ideas on colours, take a look on here - it's great for putting full family outfits together.

Here are some examples of how you can put your outfits together to give you some ideas!

Neutrals and White

Greens and Creams

Most of all - please don't worry about what you are wearing - the most important part of your session is the experience and the memories. If you would like to send me some options, so that I can help you plan, just let me know!

I'm so excited to capture you and yours!

Louise x

*My newborn studio is based in Leeds, not far from Halifax, Hudderfield and Harrogate.

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