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Which Newborn session is right for you?

Did you know there was more than one type of newborn session that I offer ?

Yes absolutely there is, and that means that there are lots of options available to you when you are planning your newborn shoot.

So, let's talk about what and why the newborn sessions are so different and what you need to consider before booking!

Firstly, we have the posed, studio newborn session. These are the super squishy, curled up and cute newborn photos that wrap your baby in beautiful materials, in gorgeous props and super sleepy on the posing bed. They are timeless photos and parents adore them.

Main things to note about this session, it is usually captured before baby is 14 days old, and this is because your baby will be super sleepy and curled up from being in your tummy so will be happy to be wrapped and cuddled up for your photos. After this time, you will notice that baby starts to stretch out and be more wakeful and that they are less happy to snooze the day away!

It's a very relaxed and baby led session and therefore can take up to 3 hours to capture. Once baby is fed and happy the session will start and no doubt will be halted for a nappy change!

The session includes a variety of props and wraps and your favourite colours can be incorporated. It also includes beautiful parent shots too if you are feeling up to it.

So what's a lifestyle session??

Well, you might want to be in your own home for your session, you may not feel up to leaving the house before at least 4 weeks old, or you might just prefer a more natural and relaxed session. If so then the lifestyle session is for you.

Based in your home, this session is completely family and baby led. We will capture you in your own environment, playing and interacting with baby and capturing real moments.

The session focuses on you and your relationship with baby and also some of babies details, it's also great if you have a pet or sibling you might want to include!

The session usually lasts around 2 hours and feeding and changing are all part and parcel of the session!

Because the session is completely baby led, this session can be captured form birth up to 4 months old, so it gives you more time to settle in as a family.

If you would like to know more about both newborn sessions based in Yorkshire, check out my newborn page!


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