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Why Autumn is the month to photograph your brood!

Summer holidays are upon us (how did that happen!) and we are all planning for a staycation and then a few weeks of juggling the kids with clubs and grandparents.

Before we know it, September will be here, which means fresh uniforms, new year groups (my youngest starts in year 1 which is a huge and sad milestone for me!) and the run up to Xmas - I like to start early!

Time seems to be flying and I always hear parents say, oh we must take some photos of you on your first day back at school! And you definitely should, because in my experience, time is just disappearing with my own children and I love to look back at the photos taken every year at the bottom of the steps, one year closer to adulthood!

September is a lovely time... just eeking out of summer and into Autumn - my favourite season! As a Leeds based newborn and family photographer, I get a lot of people asking what seasons are best to shoot in and this is one of my faves. So I'm encouraging you to get out with your camera or phone this year and chase the light, and get some lovely photos of your small ones!

I've listed 10 reasons why Autumn is great time for capturing your brood and making the most of the weather... so here goes!

  1. The light is dreamy in Autumn - if you get lucky and we have a sunny days, the sunsets are usually incredible, so seize the moment, and whip the camera out. It doesn't have to be anywhere fancy - just your garden will do! Get them to stand with the sunshine behind them and to one side as this creates a lovely halo around them

  2. Sunset is earlier than in summer - so you dont have to keep the littles up too late to get a beautiful low sun.

  3. The leaves are divine - lovely and crunchy and orange/red tones which look gorgeous through the lens

  4. You can action shot - get them throwing leaves and try and capture the movement

  5. Colour palettes are much more warm than in summer - so you can wear the check shirt - the wellies and the denim as it will all sit lovely with the season.

  6. Foggy days can be common in Autumn, especially in the morning but unlike summer - they can work so well with the colour palette and make for some dramatic images.

  7. Trees are full of colour and can frame your images beautifully - so take advantage of the nature around you. You can even sit your kids in the tree!

  8. Firework displays - are common round this time of year, so use them in your photos or get your kids holding sparklers and have a play with how this looks through your camera.

  9. Halloween also falls in this time - so dress them up and capture this time surrounded by pumpkins and skeletons!

  10. Nature - take a walk and spot all the autumnal animals around this season and try and grab some photos while you are at it!

I'd love to see some of your images this year, so have a go and share them with me on my facebook page!

Much love

Louise x

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