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What to wear on an Outdoor Shoot....

How amazing is this weather?! I am loving every minute of the sunshine and it makes me think that I could possibly live in this climate 24/7! A girl can dream.

The best part of this gorgeous summer we are having is the sheer amount of people that can't wait to get out and take a stroll with me. Is it that lock down has us all stir crazy and we just want to be out in the nature, or is it that we want to mark this incredible time?

Either way, I'm just so happy to be working with you all again and meeting so many happy faces. It really is a joy and I can't explain how happy I am.

Amidst all the excitement for booking a session and knowing that you will get some gorgeous images to remember this time by is the life long dilemma of what to wear - and I hear you mums, you just want the kids to look smart and clean for a change!

What I want to say to you is, relax. It may seem daunting planning your families outfits for a shoot but it's alot more simple than you might think. Here's my top tips for some really lovely images, without having to break the bank online at Next!

  • White - we all have a white blouse, the kids have white tshirts.. pair them with denim and you have a really simple but classic outfit. Mix it up a bit and parents might wear a full denim dress or dungarees.

  • Muted - Navy blues, mustards, greens, creams, taupes - all work with the tones of the sky and foliage, have a play with what colours work

  • No logos - nothing detracts from your images more than logos, so definitely leave the Nikes at home

  • Lay out your clothes - plan a few days before and lay it out before you all try on. It's a lot less stressful.

  • Pinterest - this is my best friend - if you want ideas on colours, take a look on here - it's great for putting full family outfits together.

Most of all - please don't worry about what you are wearing - the most important part of your session is the experience and the memories.

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