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What to wear for your Yorkshire family photo session this Christmas!

Tis' the season for a Yorkshire family photoshoot!

The season is upon us, and I have some lovely Christmas outdoor sessions coming up, all based at my local Christmas tree farm in Yorkshire, so I thought I would help you all prepare for your lovely Christmas family photography session, wherever you might be having it!

If, like me, you absolutely love this season, you will be pulling out the jeans, boots and chunky scarves and this look is perfect for a stroll with me for you family photography session.

xmas family yorkshire photographer leeds
Yorkshire family xmas photographer

So, what do I recommend?

Firstly, think casual. This time of year can be muddy and as my family photography sessions are on a Christmas tree farm, I'm a firm believer that it's best to rock the hunter wellies and keep everything smart casual. Think plaid shirts, chunky knits and jeans. If you aren't a fan of wellies, pop on some smarter boots and a Barbour style coat - even a cute bobble hat. Getting wrapped up looks great in wintery photos!

yorkshire family xmas photography
Yorkshire family Xmas Photographer

What about colour schemes?

When we think of Xmas, we think RED, but that doesn't mean your family Xmas photoshoot outdoors has to be all about the santa jumpers. Yes of course you can go down the red tartan route, and it will look lovely, but don't get too hung up with wearing red. A muted palette can work just as well, in fact, it brings out the colours of Autumn more and makes you pop out of the photo! Key colours I would suggest are :




Sage Greens




Burnt Oranges


What should you avoid?

Family photography is beautiful, and outfits make up 70% of the image and therefore anything too bold and branded, can really detract from your beautiful family photos. I would therefore avoid anything with a large brand. I also recommend that you don't wear anything black, as it can really jar against the natural colours and is hard to expose for when shooting you beautiful family photography!

Xmas family photographer yorkshire
Yorkshire Family Photoshoot

I can't wait to see you for your Christmas Family Photoshoot!

Please don't worry too much about your outfits, I want you to enjoy your experience with me above all, but I hope this might help you a little in putting something together for your photography session with me (or wherever you are having your Christmas photos!)

If you would like to send me your outfits options, I will be happy to help!

See you soon

Louise x

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