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Family Sessions - how I put you at ease!

So those kiddies are growing fast and you have photos on the wall of them as tiny babies, but you haven't got any nice photos of them now they are bigger!

You really would love to get dressed up and have some really nice photos taken, but you are worried, because you don't want them to be awkward, you don't want to feel nervous, you are scared that your 3 year old will cry and refuse, or you 9 year old will he sassy and not comply with your requests! Or, you just don't know what to wear, and you hate yourself in front of the camera.

I know how you feel. I've been there. Many years before I was a photographer, I've been in that position, nervous, anxious about what I will look like, worried about the kids playing up.

I can tell you, I have two sass pot daughters that can rival any Kevin the teenager, but they sit wonderfully for me in my studio and love having their photos taken. I've been through the days of laying on the floor outside the supermarket, tantrums and tears and so, I really have seen it all, and because I've been through it all twice, I also know exactly what to say to win round your toddler. I also always say, toddlers love to play up for parents, but love to help out the smiley new friend they have just made in the studio that's letting them blow the bubbles and press the button on my camera. Nothing shocks me when it comes to kids, and I am as so far away from judgy as it gets because I've. Been. There. I totally understand 🖤

Then it comes to us mum's... We never get in the photo do we?! We are too scared, we think we look old, or hate the way we smile, or we think we put on some lockdown weight...

Let me tell you, you are beautiful, and I will show you how beautiful you are! I often hear 'I look awful in photos'. I hear it almost every shoot.. and almost ever mum tells me how much she loves them and how nice she can't believe she looks. The camera, lighting and set up is so vastly different to uncle Dave's I phone images... I promise you, you will look as gorgeous as you are.

And then clothing.. a woman's nemesis! As never have anything to wear do we? That's ok, because I send you out a full guide on what to wear for your session, so you know exactly how to put together your outfits. You can even send me your ideas and I will help out. It's what I love to do, so it's no problem at all.

Last but by no means least, posing. I don't pose you formally at all. No awkward posing and feeling like you want to die inside! We laugh, chat, tickle and capture you as a family, as you are, and really show that happiness and togetherness that every family has. It's not magic at all, it's what is there right in front of me, and it's natural, relaxed and beautiful.

If you are putting off capturing those memories, just remember how time flies and how crazily fast they are growing... And make that memory as fast as you can. 🖤🖤🖤

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