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How to choose a theme for your Cake Smash session!

Where do I start with planning my cake smash theme?

Well this is the fun part! Once all the booking and deposits are sorted for your cake Smash session with Louise Pollitt Photography, we get to talk about the exciting stuff! What will your cake smash session look like?

Let's start from the beginning! I want your cake smash to be bespoke to you, to say something about your child and also to fit beautifully in your home, should you choose to pop some photos up on the wall. Above all, I want your cake smash session to be a perfect fit for you and your family.

So how do you choose?

Well, let me help you! Does your child have a favourite animal? Do you have a particular colour your like him or her to wear, what's the décor like in their room, or do you just like simple and clean?

Whatever your style, Im here to work through it with you, to be your Pinterest buddy, and share some ideas with you! I absolutely love creating something bespoke for your cake smash session.

It's all about your experience. It's not just images for me, it's the full package of you enjoying your time with me, and marking this beautiful milestone. So bring grandma along and make a day of it in my cosy Yorkshire studio!

So what are my favourite cake smash themes?

I'm an outdoorsy Yorkshire girl and being close to the Leeds and Harrogate dales, I love all the natural styles, foliage, florals and a bit of boho! My Yorkshire studio is super rustic and I love to bring these vibes into my work. I also love a simple theme, a sprig of eucalyptus sometimes is enough.

I also love vintage. If you want to bring your little vintage car for your little boy, or a cheeky peaky blinders theme for your cake smash session, I'm there!

Above all, it's all about you, and I'm excited to create something beautiful and unique for you!

Want to know more about Louise Pollitt Photography Cake smash sessions? Pop on my contact page and drop me a message!


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