Displaying your session

Once you have your amazing images, what will you do with them? So many people pack them into a draw, or leave them on a hard drive - but what about displaying them in your home, pride of place in your favourite room?

I have some amazing options for wallart to choose from and am here to help if you have any questions!

Birch wood Orb

Birchwood Orbs are precision cut and beautifully finished by master craftsmen. The natural edge pattern of the 18mm thick block provides a clean, natural finish to the product that suits countless different session images and the treated wood finish on the back of the block makes this a stunning product. A scratch-resistant and UV protective laminate is applied to give the product added longevity and the block is hung via stainless steel fixing plates with foam protectors to prevent damage to your  wall

8'x8 '- £140

12'x12 '- 180

16'x16' - £230

20'x20' - £300

30'x30' - £450

Single Aperture Frame

The Aperture Frame is an eye-catching and contemporary frame option. Your artwork is presented with a space between the work and the deep moulding option giving the effect of the image floating within the frame. The stunning C-Type print is mounted onto archival mount board and set within a choice of three different coloured moulding options. The deep-set frame has a matching fillet spacer running around the inside of moulding to ensure a flawless finish. 

16'x12' - £180

20'x16' - £200

24'x16' - £260

24'x20' - £300

30'x20' - £340

Canvas Blockwrap

A contemporary and durable alternative to the traditional Canvas Wrap.
  The satin laminate guards the canvas from scuffs and water damage and provides a clean, crisp finish to your image. The Canvas is bonded to a 18mm thick solid block and comes with hanging kit attached.

12'x10' - £140

12'x12' - £160

16'x12' - £180

18'x12' - £200

16'x16'- £220

20'x20'- £250

24'x16' - £250

24'x24' - £300

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